Self contained, solar powered, off-grid home delivered to your land. Self reliant for heat, electricity and even water.  2 Sleeping Spaces, Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, all in 399 square feet. 

  • Integrated Rooftop Solar

  • High Efficiency Heating/Cooling

  • Battery Storage

  • Water Catchment Option

  • Virus Filtration & Fresh Air Exchange

Fully functional and ​shipped to your site. 
*See Details for Conditions.

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SolarPod Features

Integrated Solar Roof

7.2 kW

30 Year Warranty
Solar Panels protect roofing from UV, ice

Heat Pump

High efficiency electric heating


Fresh Air Exchange


22.8 kWh Battery Bank

Integrated Auto-transfer, Battery Charging, Grid Compatible or Stand Alone. 

Water Catchment

80 Gallon Storage

3 Stage Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Filter

Composting Toilet Option