SolarPods are designed for comfort, storage, and optimal use of space.


We've built over 30,000 square feet of small homes, -- 700 square feet at a time.  We've learned what can make a small space miserable or wonderful. 


The key is lots of storage and lots of surface spaces.  It also means using floor space for more than one purpose.


Why build your getaway home with a small footprint? 


First: When we build the spaces smaller, we can truly live off-grid.  Smaller spaces mean less heating and cooling requirements, allowing the solar, wind and tiny generator to fully provide for the home. 


Second:  When everything you need has a specific space and is close at hand, your days are less stressful. You can spend more of your time enjoying the space around you, instead of cleaning and maintaining that space.




Luxury Vinyl Plank

3 Style Options


Smooth Finish Drywall


Dimmable LED Recessed

Int. Doors &Trim

Oiled Natural Wood


Ventless Stackable 


Dining Nook, Entry Seating, Storage


Quartz - 3 Options

Wood Stove


Sleeping and Relaxation Nook


Rather than use hide-away beds or tiny bedrooms, we've created a enticing space that is great for sleeping, but also for watching a movie or reading a book.  

With a padded back rest, integrated memory foam mattress, charging docs, book shelves and entrainment center, this space is great for sleeping or as a mid-day hide-away to get some separation from other occupants.