SolarPods are unique because they are designed for extreme weather.

SIP walls

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) are revolutionary in home construction for 3 reasons:  

High R-Value. The higher the better

Continuous Insulation: SIP walls have very little lumber in the walls.  This means cold doesn't penetrate around the insulation like with a traditional 2x6 wall. 

Air Penetration:  SIP Walls feature insulate foam that is glued directly to the exterior sheathing. This leaves no space for air to penetrate between the exterior wall and the insulation.  Extra care is made to double seal all joints between panels, sil plates, top plates, windows, doors and support beams.  

Integrated Solar Roof

A 7,200 watt solar array is integrated directly onto the metal roofing.  

The solar array produces energy, even during overcast days.  It produces more energy than is needed in the summer, and works with the wind turbine and small gas generator to carry through winter months.

Wait, there is a gas generator?

Yes.  We believe is backups upon backups. Many of our homes don't require the generator, and it is a small one.  However multiple days of heavy snowfall with little wind, the system will run the generator just long enough to top-off the batteries.

High Efficiency Heat Pump

A 18,000 BTU heat pump captures ambient heat in the air outside, condenses that heat energy and distributes it into the interior space. 

Yes there is actually heat in the air, even when it's -5º F.  Otherwise it would be even colder. The heat pump captures that heat and 100º air comes out the air handler inside.

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SIP walls ready to install in factory