Building Homes Since 2005

Building in a Factory Since 2018

We are a majority woman and minority owned company that places as much emphasis on taking care of our customers, employees and environment as we do making a profit.    

We live what we build.  Our partners live in Net-Zero homes, drive electric cars, and Tracey even manages a 15 acre solar farm.  

Our 7000sqft pilot factory was constructed in 2018 and we've completed 19 homes and 12 apartments since then.  By focusing on just a few designs we were able to factory produce 18 homes in 18 months, despite a some pretty tight working conditions.  

Our planned expansion is 100,000 sq ft which will allow us to produce both single family and multifamily buildings with lean manufacturing efficiencies.  This means we can produce over 1,000 modules a year-- all net zero, and all made the by skilled workers who care deeply about the homes they built.  


CFO and owner Tracey Wallace overseeing the installation of 4 housing modules at the Lake Tunnel Solar Village.