100% Solar Powered
All heating, electric and appliances powered by solar power

Ultra Insulated
Handles extreme cold and heat without breaking a sweat

Battery Backup
When the grid goes out, there is still light, heat and refrigeration

Off-Grid Modular Cabin

12'x42' 399 sqft

7200 Watt Solar Array
4-20 kWH Battery Bank

SIP Walls

Triple Pane Windows

Solar Home Factory dwellings are extremely well insulated, self contained, solar powered, off-grid homes that produce their own electricity, heat and even water. 

  • Integrated Rooftop Solar

  • High Efficiency Heating/Cooling

  • Battery Storage

  • Water Catchment

  • Fresh Air Exchange & Virus Filtration

Pre-assembled in the factory and ​shipped to your site, fully operational. 

100% Solar Powered
Including heating, cooling and appliance usage
7,200 Watt Solar Array - Backup Wind Turbine

Electric Heating / Cooling
Unique high efficiency heating and cooling system that can run completely off the solar array.


Factory: 33 Forge Ave Geneva, NY 14456
Lake Tunnel Solar Village: 68 Elizabeth Blackwell St Geneva, NY

Geneva Solar Village: 212 Carter Rd Geneva, NY 14456




The Solar Home Factory is a triple bottom line company. People, Environment, Profit.

Factory: 33 Forge Ave Geneva, NY 14456


If you're interested in living in a Solar Village, visit our sister company The Solar Village Company.

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